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Veterinary Health Center

Veterinary Health Center alternate logo

Veterinary Health Center
1800 Denison Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66506

For emergencies call:
785-532-5690, dial 0

For appointments call:
Small Animal Desk
785-532-4309 fax

Large Animal Desk
785-532-4989 fax

For all veterinary referrals, please email

House Officer Information

VHC Interns and Resident Programs

Interns and Residents (House Officers) are veterinarians who have chosen to further their veterinary education by working under the supervision of boarded veterinary specialists.

Internships are a one year program that gives the intern a chance to work with specialist in areas such as medicine and surgery.

Residents are veterinarians training to become board certified veterinary specialists. A residency is a two to three year program where the resident focuses on one specific area of veterinary medicine.

Meet our current House Officers.

House Officer Seminar Schedule
House Officer Handbook
House Officer Advisory Committee

Dr. Walter Renberg, Chair
Dr. Ken Harkin
Dr. Matt Miesner
Dr. David Rankin
Dr. Elizabeth Santschi

See Veterinary Intern and Resident Matching Program (VIRMP) for program descriptions, availability and application forms.