Radiology — Imaging Equipment

x-ray machine small animal X-ray

X-ray Machine

Small animal X-ray unit (with 300 mA generator). This unit is used for small animal radiographs (X-rays).


X-ray Machine

Large animal direct digital X-ray machine

Canon Galan 3 Tesla MRI


The Veterinary Health Center is equipped with a state of the art Canon Galan 3 Tesla MRI, installed in early 2019. This scanner allows superior soft tissue imaging and neurological imaging as well as multiple advanced imaging techniques that allow increased diagnostic abilities for radiologists and clinicians. The unit is equipped with a large animal imaging table to allow imaging of equine patients and other select large animal patients.



Computed tomography machine uses x-rays to provide a cross-sectional image that provides information beyond that acquired with radiographs. Although it can be used for imaging any part of the body the most common areas evaluated are the nose, ears, other parts of the skull, spine, and elbows.



Acuson ultrasound - State-of-the-art ultrasound machine that is used to image chest, abdomen, and tendon disease in both small and large animals.


Nuclear medicine